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IAS Sonal Goel's Livestream Offered Insights on UPSC Mains Exam Preparation

Sonal Goel, an IAS officer with over 2 million followers on social is a popular name specially among UPSC aspirants. She has been constantly motivating and guiding youth in their UPSC journey through her social media posts. In a recent live stream session, she shared valuable insights and guidance for UPSC mains examination. With the UPSC prelims exams already out, her live session focused on key strategies including time management to achieve success in the mains exam.

The UPSC Civil Services Examination is renowned for its rigorous selection process and low success rate, making it a challenging and prestigious test of knowledge, aptitude, and determination. Sonal Goel emphasized that aspiring candidates must possess not only a strong academic foundation but also exceptional problem-solving abilities, effective time management skills, and an in-depth understanding of current affairs.

During the livestream, IAS Sonal Goel- who secured an impressive all India rank-13 in UPSC CSE- 2007, highlighted several key points to help aspirants in their preparation. Some of which are given below to help the aspirants learn from it and utilise it their UPSC journey to improve their chances of achieving success.

Effective time management: Sonal shared valuable tips for managing time efficiently during CSE preparation, such as creating a study schedule, prioritizing subjects and topics, setting realistic targets, practicing time-bound mock tests, focusing on quality study, taking regular breaks, leveraging technology, staying organized, learning to say no to distractions, and prioritizing mental health.

Pros and cons of joining services: Sonal Goel discussed the advantages of joining civil services, such as the opportunity to connect with society, work at the grassroots level, and make a meaningful impact. However, she also highlighted the drawbacks, including frequent transfers, a challenging work environment, limited autonomy, and bureaucratic constraints.

Strategize with vision, goal, plan, and action: Sonal emphasized the importance of strategizing well in advance. This involves having a clear vision, setting specific goals, devising a plan of action, and taking consistent steps towards achieving them.

Subject-wise paper discussion tips:

Sonal provided insights into preparing for the different subjects of the UPSC mains examination. Aspirants were advised to seek inspiration from successful individuals, including entrepreneurs, sports icons, and previous civil service toppers.

There is a very popular question among UPSC aspirants and i.e. how many hours should one study? Sonal Goel reflected on this briefly and encouraged aspirants to prioritize the quality of their study sessions rather than solely focusing on the number of hours spent studying. She also highlighted the significance of mental and physical well-being in enhancing productivity and overall performance.

During the session, a few participants requested Sonal Goel if she could share her personal notes. She replied that she had already shared them with some aspirants after her selection. She also acknowledged the positive changes in the education sector under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which have opened up ample opportunities for aspiring civil servants.

In response to audience questions, Sonal Goel addressed concerns about time management, syllabus coverage, selection of study resources for general knowledge, and provided guidance on sectional choices. She concluded the livestream with an inspiring message to the youth, stating, "Even the sky is not the limit if you aim for it," and emphasized the importance of youth as agents of change in society.

Sonal Goel's livestream session served as a valuable resource for UPSC aspirants, providing them with practical advice, effective strategies, and the motivation needed to pursue their dreams of serving the nation through the civil services. With the UPSC mains exams approaching, her guidance will undoubtedly inspire and empower countless young aspirants on their journey towards success.

To watch the complete live stream, visit:


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Shivam ensure IAS
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Shivam ensure IAS
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