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Past Initiatives: Tripura

Received Hon'ble PM as DM Gomati Dec 201

Since her first posting as , West Tripura in 2009 to current Mrs Sonal Goel has been visionary & instrumental in three main agendas:

  • Development

  • Upliftment of women, Under privileged

  • Administrative reforms

She has held following positions during her tenure in Tripura:

  • Assistant Collector, West Tripura

  • SDM, Ambassa, Tripura

  • ADM & Collector, South Tripura

  • CEO, Agartala Municipal Council,

  • Joint Secretary Labour Department

  • State Project Director, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan,

  • District Magistrate & Collector, Gomati District, Tripura

Received Hon'ble PM Sh.Narendra Modi as DM Gomati Dec 2014

Astt Collector-West Tripura;Treks for ho

As Assistant Collector West Tripura District (June 2009):

She held Independent assignments like O/C PNDT, O/C of all major sections in District Magistrate office in rotation.  She performed duties as Sector Magistrate during Panchayat & ADC elections, liaison officer during many high level protocol visits, held independent charges like BDO Dukli & Khowai RD Blocks, which gave her an opportunity to gain  experience in local conditions.

Treks for holding administrative camps in remote villages

First independent charge as SDM Ambassa

Ambassa is the headquarter sub-division of Dhalai district (most backward District of Tripura). The challenges were unique to the sub-division. However first posting is always crucial since one tries to understand the actual system of working alongwith spirit of implementing the govt programmes & schemes in best possible manner for benefit of common masses.  Maldapara was one of the remotest village of sub-division; through regular visits she could mobilize the working the departments like school, AWCs etc. Also Ganganagar Revenue circle had 7 VCs; distantly located from sub-divisional headquarters. It was a challenge to streamline the working of line departments in that area; but she could do that with support of her team. Besides she took initiatives in food by constitution of Joint raid teams, in disaster management by modeling the plan of sub-division equivalent to cells in election by involvement of all line deptts.

All women polling station was set up during the elections to urban local bodies in Ambassa Nagar Panchayat, in which alongwith lady polling personnel, lady police officials were deployed. It was a step towards women emancipation to reinforce that women can perform any duty at par with male counterpart. 

SDM Ambassa.JPG

As SDM Ambassa, Tripura

Respecting martyrs soldiers as SDM Ambas

Respecting martyrs soldiers as SDM Ambassa

As ADM & Collector, South Tripura District

Interaction with little students as ADM

Interaction with little students as ADM South Tripura

ADM South Tripura-Visiting Border Areas

Visiting Border Areas with BSF

As CEO of AMC (Chief Executive Officer- Agartala Municipal Council: later Corporation)

Liason officer to PM Bangladesh Jan 2012

As CEO of AMC prepared the master plan of the city of Agartala.

Working in Municipal council is different from other field postings; especially Agartala being the capital city the focus of state govt was on its development. The process of Master plan was initiated earlier; however the plan was formulated during her tenure; with some areas left out; which were included later on. Many initiatives were started for improving Public Grievance Redressal system, Vehicle tracking & monitoring system for solid waste management, improving tax collection, and revenue for AMC.

There was an attempt to streamline

and improvise the working of all

Zonal & Ward offices.

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-12 at 8.59.31 PM.

As CEO, Agartala Municipal Council, received BEST BSUP City award in 2012 from MOUD GOI.

Liason officer to PM Bangladesh Jan 2012

Education department - As State Project Director, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

With Team as SPD Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.j

 It is one of the most important department of the state dealing with school education.  At the same time it is also one of the most complex departments. Even though her tenure in this department was little short, however she had tried to focus on reducing the drop out students at elementary level, proper working of schools in tribal areas, proper serving of MDM, teachers & students attendance etc.

With Team as SPD Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

District Magistrate & Collector, Gomati District (May 2014)

Smt Sonal Goel, IAS has been the first lady DM & Collector of Gomati District.

As DM & Collector, she developed a visionary holistic plan for development of the district- ‘Unnatisheel Gomati’. Taking initiatives to improve income generation and welfare of people especially women through convergence between different schemes like MGNREGA, IAY, SBM, NRLM, departments like agriculture, horticulture, fishery, forests etc. The whole population of district benefitted, alongwith improvement of indicators in health, education, social welfare department.

Received National MGNREGA Award from MOR

Agenda Women welfare and Promoting Girl Child 

Since her probation ‘saving the girl child’ was close to her heart, she took initiatives in West Tripura  District as O/C PNDT, within three months of joining which was well appreciated by the state; which even continued during her posting as CEO, Agartala Municipal Council and also started a campaign for awareness about ‘crime against women’ as SDM Ambassa.

Received National MGNREGA Award from MORD GOI as DM Gomati

Some Exceptional/ Important  tasks accomplished during the period:

- Successful Conduct of General TTAADC Elections May 2015, General Municipal elections 2015, Bye-election to Amarpur assembly 2016, Village committee elections 2016 in district peacefully with model women polling station in each election.

-Implementing an action plan ‘Unnatisheel Gomati’ in the district aiming on convergence between various schemes and departments and different steps to improve the administrative systems and effective service delivery. A 3-page format has been devised which is reviewed monthly and acts as basis for decision making. With inputs and resources from all concerned departments there is creation of visible and durable assets in the district, there is better service delivery and we are able to encourage community participation in development; laying special emphasis on ADC blocks. The focus is on 3 major aspects- rural development related works, health/social welfare/ education emphasis, revenue & e-governance related reforms.

Joint Border Conference with Bangladesh.

Joint Border Conference with Bangladesh

Republic Day Parade Inspection.JPG

Republic Day Parade Inspection

- District achieved third highest persondays generation ‘98.47’ at all-India level under MGNREGA for 2015-16; first position in state in providing sanitation coverage to maximum no. of IHHL APL beneficiaries for 2014-15 & 2015-16 , and highest coverage of IAY houses by completing the target of 2014-15 & all sanction of 2015-16.

-Handling VIP visits- like visit of Union Minister Health/ Railways/ Communications & IT/ Sanitation/ Textiles/ Panchayat/ Small Industries; Secretary, Ministry of Rural development, Govt of India; senior officials from Govt of India; high level team from NDC/ NLM / NIRD/ other institutes for development related study.

- Giving emphasis on health, education, Social Welfare & Social Education by mechanism of convergence meetings at district level upto Block level. Addressed the problem of malaria, immunization, institutional deliveries, nutrition etc in tribal pockets of district through various levels and departments of administration.

Presented 'Nandini' amongst Best Practic

Presented 'Nandini' amongst Best Practices on Civil Service Day April 2016

- Adopted an initiative “Nandini”- aimed to protect and promote the welfare of girl child/ women in Gomati district; with multi-sectoral approach involving efforts by various departments like health, social welfare, education, ICA, sub-divisions & blocks; special focus on PC PNDT Act & BBBP.

- Operationalised a crèche in DM office for children of women officers/ employees & took various initiatives under ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ scheme of Central & state Govt.

- From January 2015, block-wise approach was followed for conducting surprise inspection in all schools from SB onwards on single day by officers of District/ sub-division/ block administration. Inspections completed in 5 blocks; such initiative has helped in improving the attendance of teachers and little contributed to quality of education in schools in district.

- Video Conference facilities have been established at all sub-divisions & blocks. Since July 2015, regular VC meetings are being conducted with SDMs/ BDOs by DM & Collector.

- Proper disposal of matters relating to land acquisitions wrt projects like National highway, railways etc.

-Proper implementation of ‘E-district’ project aiming at improving citizen centric services through computerization of various certificates in revenue administration.

- Streamlining of office systems & improvement of work culture, through bio-metric attendance system; surprise inspection visits; regular cleanliness drive in office premises; regular repair & maintenance of office premises.

Experience sharing at National BBBP conf

Experience sharing at National BBBP conference of MWCD GOI 

Gomati District Hospital received Nation

Gomati District Hospital received National Swachha Award

- Computerization of DCM offices/ Tehsil offices: Desktop Computer, Printer, Scanner, UPS and Bio-metric finger print capture device for newly created DCM’s office at Kakraban and Karbook procured and installed; similarly at all TK locations in district & smooth implementation of other aspects under NLRMP.

- Organised  the ‘TripuraSundari Temple festival’ in association with Sangeet Natak Academy; This was in addition to Dewali Mela being organized every year by Matabari Development Committee. Tirthmukh mela at Karbook also organized successfully.

  • Initiative ‘Nandini’ recognized as Best Practice on Civil Service Day 2016 by Govt of Tripura

  • Felicitation by Deptt of Posts, GOI for achievement under Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana under Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme at NE Region in 2016.

  • National MGNREGA award from Ministry of Rural development, GOI 2016

  • Manthan South Asia ‘District Collector Digital Champion’ Award 2015

  • National ‘Digital India’ Award from Ministry of IT & Communications, GOI 2016

  • SKOCH National ‘SMART Governance’ Awards 2015 for:

  • A) Unnatisheel Gomati- A comprehensive approach to Development

  • B) Rural Housing leading to Gender Empowerment in Gomati District

  • SKOCH National ‘ORDER of MERIT’ Award for:

  • A) Gomati District on the way to ODF status under SBM

  • B) Effective implementation of MGNREGA through convergence; leading to sustainable livelihoods.

  • Selected in Top 25 women transforming India by Niti Aayog and MyGov in Sep 2016               

With International Gymnast Dipa Karmakar
Recognitions as DM Gomati.jpg
Deptt of Posts launched 'My Stamp'.JPG

Gomati District administration won the following awards:

Recognitions as DM Gomati

Deptt of Posts launched 'My Stamp'

Felicitation of International gymnast Dipa Karmakar

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