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Sonal Goel, IAS, Highlights the Importance of Perception and Self-Confidence at IIT Madras Webinar

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

New Delhi, 23 June 2023

Sonal Goel, a 2008 batch IAS officer, delivered an inspiring address on "The Power of Perception and Positive Self-Belief" at a webinar organised by IIT Madras. The event was attended by a diverse group of students, faculty members, and distinguished guests, who were captivated by Sonal's words of wisdom and personal anecdotes.

Serving as the Resident Commissioner of Tripura Bhawan, New Delhi, Sonal Goel, IAS shared her educational journey, starting from her graduation from the prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi to earning advanced degrees in Public Policy and Law. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to address such a talented group of students and lauded IIT Madras for its relentless pursuit of academic and research excellence.

Drawing inspiration from the Bhagavad Gita, Sonal spoke about the significance of perception and self-belief. She encouraged the audience to overcome self-doubt and insecurity by embracing a positive mindset. She quoted Swami Vivekananda, "All power is within you," to emphasize the inherent strength and potential that lies within each individual.

During the discussion, Sonal brought up Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a noteworthy example. Despite facing a multitude of challenges and difficulties throughout his life, PM Modi consistently maintained a positive perspective and demonstrated unwavering determination in pursuing his objectives. Sonal highlighted the Prime Minister's ability to overcome obstacles and stay focused on his goals as an inspiration for others.

Sonal urged the students to prioritize their mental well-being by tapping into their inner power and nurturing the 4 Ps i.e. passion patience, perseverance, and positive outlook. Sonal shared three steps to cultivate positive thinking: thought awareness, rational thinking, and positive thinking exercises. By consciously redirecting negative thoughts and focusing on the positive, individuals can transform their emotions and behaviours.

Recognizing the challenges and setbacks that students often face, Sonal stressed the significance of mental health and well-being. She emphasized the need to keep one's mental health in check, particularly during difficult circumstances and in the face of failure. Sonal encouraged the audience to engage in recreational activities and take time for self-care as a means of maintaining balance and resilience.

The IAS officer also delved into the interconnection between thoughts, emotions, and behavior. She stressed the importance of nurturing a growth mindset and practicing gratitude. Sonal shared real-life stories of individuals who defied odds, such as Arunima Sinha, who is the world’s first female amputee to scale Mount Everest.

Reflecting on her own journey, Sonal discussed the challenges she faced as a student and later as an IAS officer. She emphasized the significance of finding one's purpose in life and encouraged the audience to develop a growth mindset, turn pain into purpose, and be part of a supportive community.

In conclusion, Sonal urged the audience to stay committed to their goals, seek inspiration from others, and choose work that truly matters to them. Sonal's address left a lasting impact on the attendees, inspiring them to embrace positive perceptions, believe in themselves, and strive for personal growth.

The webinar organized by IIT Madras provided a platform for students and faculty members to gain valuable insights from IAS Sonal Goel's address. Her words of wisdom, personal experiences, and references to the Bhagavad Gita resonated with the audience, instilling a sense of empowerment and motivation

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