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Inspiring Journeys: Rising Above Challengesin the Pursuit of Civil Services

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

In an effort to motivate and guide civil services aspirants, Sonal Goel IAS, one the 2008 batch topper, organized an online interactive video session featuring successful candidates from the UPSC Civil Services Examination, 2022.

IAS Sonal Goel is a popular figure on social media. Her remarkable commitment to nurture young talent using the power of social media has resulted into millions following her on social media for their daily dose of motivation. She recently uploaded an interactive video featuring successful candidates from the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2022, including Suraj Tiwari, which has now gone viral on social media.

In the video, Sonal initiates the conversation by sharing her own experiences and insights. Sonal recounts moments of nostalgia and reflection, finding strength in remembering her purpose and the impact she can make through her work. "When you feel like giving up, think about those who said you can't do it," she advises, emphasizing the importance of resilience.

The session features- as participants, Deepika Agarwal (AIR 151), Varsha Kumari (AIR 353), and Suraj Tiwari (AIR 917), who share their remarkable journeys, highlighting the strength and determination required to succeed. Deepika Agarwal, who secured an all India rank of 151, shares her story of perseverance and the unwavering support of her mother. "After not getting through in my first attempt, my mother packed my bags and booked my tickets again to Delhi for my final attempt," she recounts. Deepika's unwavering dedication led her to stay in the coaching hub of Rajinder Nagar, even during the challenging second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her story emphasizes the importance of resilience and the unwavering support of loved ones.

Varsha Kumari, who secured an all India rank of 353, speaks about her inner calling and the motivation she drew from her grandfather's friends who were already serving the nation. "I wanted to contribute to the country and make a difference," she shares. Varsha stresses the importance of maintaining a balance in life, focusing on mental well-being, and differentiating her answers to leave a lasting impression on evaluators.

Suraj Tiwari, who rose to national fame after securing an all India rank of 917 despite being a divyang (person with disabilities), shares his remarkable journey of self-discovery and transformation. "I never thought education was my cup of tea," he admits. After facing initial setbacks, Suraj's perspective changed when he met Prakash Kumar, a friend who believed in him. Prakash filled his JNU admission form, provided him with books, and helped him throughout the process. Suraj's story highlights the transformative power of self-belief and the importance of supportive relationships.

Throughout the session, Sonal Goel reiterates key messages for aspirants: "Don't waste attempts; rather, give mocks. Mock tests provide practice, help identify areas for improvement, and build confidence." "Take care of your mental health. Strike a balance between studies and personal life. Seek support when needed." "Find your own path. Don't blindly follow coaching trends. Personalize your study methods and leverage your strengths." "Have a Plan-B. Pursue alternative options and reduce unnecessary pressure. It releases power and confidence."

The complete video can be watched here:


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Shivam ensure IAS
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